Old Photos: Vintage and Historic Photography

I love old photos. They give us a glimpse into the past and let us see how much the world has changed over the years. I spend a lot of free time doing family history research, so some of my favorite old photographs are of families. I love knowing that someone was able to capture that little piece of their past.

In honor of the beauty and history behind these old photos, I’ve put together this photostream of vintage and historic photos for your enjoyment. Most are black and white photos, with one example being colorized (before the color photography we’ve become accustomed to today).

We’ll look at old photos of people capturing special moments and everyday life. We’ll see architecture like it was seen in its early days (with some of these old buildings surviving today). And we’ll look at some photos of popular transportation of its day — from trains to old automobiles.



Old Photo - Male Portrait
Credit: HA! Designs (via Flickr)
Old Photo - Woman's Portrait
Credit: HA! Designs (via Flickr)
Old Photo - Bride
Credit: HA! Designs (via Flickr)
Vintage Photo - Girls Club
Credit: Playingwithbrushes (via Flickr)
Barn Dance - 1944
Credit: Lee Cannon (via Flickr)
Naval Photo Laboratory
Credit: army.arch (via Flickr)
Union Depot - St Paul, MN
Credit: Ramsey County Minnesota (via Flickr)
Vintage Photo - Three Children - Colorized
Credit: Beverly & Pack (via Flickr)

Buildings / Architecture

Mare Island Naval Shipyard, CA Officers' Quarters Historic Photo of Foyer
Credit: army.arch (via Flickr)
American Saving & Trust Company 1910-1935
Credit: NCinDC (via Flickr)
Woodward & Lothrop - Washington DC
Credit: army.arch (via Flickr)
Kingsland Road, Hackney Wick
Credit: Fin Fahey (via Flickr)
Old Home - Ocean View, DE
Credit: Lee Cannon (via Flickr)
Original AMP Society Building - Brisbane - 1898
Credit: The Central Scrutiniser (via Flickr)
Washington DC - 9th & F Streets, NW
Credit: NCinDC (via Flickr)


1949 - Union Depot - St. Paul, MN
Credit: Ramsey County, Minnesota (via Flickr)
Railroad Engine - 1900
Credit: U.S. Forest Service, Southwestern Region, Kaibab National Forest (via Flickr)
Vintage Auto
Credit: protectorrr (via Flickr)
Photo of Old Carriage
Credit: protectorrr (via Flickr)

Do you have old family photos lying around? Do you have a favorite? If so, what was that photo of and why is it so special to you? Share your stories (or links to your favorite old photos) in the comments below.

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