Beautiful Black and White Landscapes

I don’t know what it is about black and white photography, but it makes me feel like I’m able to step into the past. That’s especially true when it comes to looking at landscape photography in either black and white or sepia tones.

Maybe it’s related to black and white cinema of days gone by. Or maybe stripping the color allows me to see the world in its bare boned beauty — a kind of simplicity we often lose today. Does black and white photography bring out a nostalgic sense in you too? Here are some amazing black and white landscapes you can enjoy while you think about that.

Black and White Stone Henge
Credit: Linda Cronin (via Flickr)
McGown Peak
Credit: Frank Kovalchek (via Flickr)
Credit: Jesus León (via Flickr)
Black and white landscape
Credit: Darren Johnson (via Flickr)
Credit: Robert Pittman (via Flickr)
Black and white boat
Credit: djsosumi (via Flickr)
Black and white landscape
Credit: Linda Cronin (via Flickr)
Cliffs of Moher
Credit: Simon (via Flickr)
Stalybridge Huddersfield Canal
Credit: Pimlico Badger (via Flickr)
Monument Valley
Credit: Frank Kovalchek (via Flickr)
black and white landscape
Credit: Michael Rael (via Flickr)
Black and White Trees
Credit: Simon (via Flickr)
Black and White Train
Credit: Randen Pederson (via Flickr)
Black and White Railroad Track
Credit: Jim (via Flickr)
Credit: dodongjan (via Flickr)
Black and white landscape
Credit: richardghawley (via Flickr)
Black and white landscape
Credit: Jackson Romie (via Flickr)
Black and white farm
Credit: Michael Miller (via Flickr)
black and white tree
Credit: richardghawley (via Flickr)
Black and white landscape
Credit: Jayt74 (via Flickr)

Do you enjoy black and white photography? Why or why not? Have a favorite landscape photo you’d like to share with us? Leave a link or comment below if you want to share.

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