Throwing a Kid-Approved Halloween Party

With trick or treating, endless possibilities for costumes, and candy that lasts for months (if not years), Halloween is a kid’s dream. If you really want to make your beautiful babies squeal with delight, consider throwing a kid-approved Halloween party. All the little ghouls and goblins will consider you the coolest parents on the block. With all the bells and whistles (or skeletons and spiders), adults will surely have a terrific time, too.

Spookify the Surroundings

When it comes to Halloween, the more macabre the decorations the better. Of course, this is a kid party so you don’t want to scar them for their lives but decorations are a must. Outdoor decorations set the tone, so make sure to have things like a faux graveyard, hanging spiders, and skeletons o’ plenty. The easiest and cheapest way to decorate is with pumpkins. Grab the kids and make a night of carving fun designs into these ghoulish gourds. On the night of the party, put tea lights in them for optimal display, and line your walkway with them. Don’t forget to pipe in some totally terrifying tunes as your guests enter (at their own risk, of course).

Don’t forget your indoor decorations either. From a Halloween table setting and wall of bats to homemade Halloween mason jars and a DIY painting with eyes that follow you around the party, the possibilities could follow you to the grave. Want to get kids involved? Snag someone to lead an art workshop and have the kids paint something like a Halloween cat or a grim graveyard scene. Offer a prize for whoever’s painting is voted the best!

Don’t Phone in Your Costume

Put away the sheet you were going to use to cut holes out for eyes. You don’t want to get the dreaded kid eyeroll, do you? Get creative with your costume. If your child is into it, you could even consider doing a group costume. From The Incredibles and The Flinstones to Willie Wonka and The Addams Family, family costume ideas abound. Or take a cue from pop culture by going with a Ken Bone costume (this one’s for you, Dad!), the cast from monster hit Netflix show Stranger Things, or even something political. You could give a nod to some of the greats who have passed on this year, such as Gene Wilder, Prince, or David Bowie. With so many possibilities, we just ask one thing of you—put the sheet away. We ain’t afraid of no ghost. Whatever you choose to go as, make sure you don’t get so busy that you forget to take photos!

Serve Freakishly Good Food and Bloodcurdlingly Good Beverages

We have no problem with you ordering a pizza in the name of convenience but, if you have the time and inclination, Halloween food and drinks can be so much fun to make and serve. With “the gorier the better” guidelines, you can start with things like mummy cocktail hot dogs (wee witches and warlocks love these), Frankenstein chips ‘n’ guac, and deviled eggs. With filling that’s shaped into pumpkins, the latter will wow your adult guests. Slow cooker creations would be nice and hearty for main dishes but, if you want to get ultra creative, go for bloody hand sandwiches.

If you’re going beyond water and soda for beverages, consider serving this Wormy Orange Punch. It’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to kids’ bellies. If you’re serving alcohol for the parents, go for a decadent pumpkin martini!

Throwing a kid-approved Halloween party isn’t hard but it does take some preparation. Follow these tips and start planning your spooky soiree!

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