5 Cute Mascots in Logos

Remember your university mascot? How it brought character to your school team? How it made cheering much more fun? How it brought smiles and cheers to everyone each time it grooved to the music or the band?

There is no doubt a mascot makes any brand pop out, may it be a school or a fast-food joint.

The Internet enables consumers to access thousands of businesses and each must make sure that its brand stands out and catches people’s attention. Colorful and creative characters are often used to brand websites – hence demand for amazing and catchy mascots is growing.

Here are a few examples of brilliant and really cute mascot designs that may give you the giggles for the day or may inspire you to put one on your website. Not only are these examples cute – they combine two different concepts in one – which make them great for design inspiration.

1. Recipe Bot

Recipe Bot

Recipe Bot is created by Michael Spitz, an American designer whose expertise lies in identity and brand development. Recipe Bot is one of his best designs including an animated character which was originally designed for a website that offers recipe suggestions based on the ingredients one currently has in the fridge or the pantry.

The blue robot with a chef’s hat and a tray of food on its hand is easily recognizable. Besides the logo perfectly blends two main concepts together: food and machinery (recipe plus bot).

2. Hungry Bear

Hungry Bear

Hungry Bear is another interesting and fun character offered by Nancy Carter Design. Said to be based on Yogi Bear and picnics, it is perfect for any websites or blogs about food, restaurants and recipes.

The designer behind this believes that a well-thought of imagery such as the Hungry Bear is critical in the branding success of any business.

3. Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Monkey Business (designed by b4kp4u) gives the phrase a whole new fun twist to it. The connotation may well bring out the negative; it can nevertheless be utilized by any blog or website that may need that extra oomph in its branding strategy.

The logo fits any company that may deal with bad reputation, for example a community forum for people to share their bad experiences with certain companies or services.

4. Antarctica


Image via Calendar Printing 101

Antartica is the creation of Inkwill Design and may suit any businesses related to winter wear or ski products. The simple penguin imagery instantly brings up ideas of snow, winter and the cold.

So should you be in business associated with these matters, then you may consider getting this mascot for your site.

5. Napoleon Sushi Bar

Napoleon Sushi Bar

Napoleon Sushi Bar (designed by badovsky) is a witty way of animating this Japanese food. It is great for any business offering Japanese cuisine.

The draping salmon head dress is so hilarious at first glance that it will surely be a favorite and a hit among sushi lovers, especially the kids.

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