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    The 28 best films of all time you’ve probably never seen

    When it comes to awards and appraisal, there are some films that clean up every year. In 2017, we had “La La Land” and “Moonlight,” while 2016 saw “Deadpool,” “Rogue One,” and “Finding Dory” take the stage. With so much attention on these superstar blockbusters, it becomes far too easy for a quality movie to […] More

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    The Ultimate Horror Movie Collection For Halloween

    As Halloween approaches, so do the inexhaustible lists of horror movies you should watch on All Hallows’ Eve. Picking the ‘best’ Halloween movies is a tricky business. Should the perfect Halloween marathon leave your terrified to go to sleep alone? Or should it be made up of classics that have been celebrated for decades? I’ll […] More

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    6 Trailers That Completely Ruined The Movie

    Creating a movie trailer is undeniably a difficult job. Not only do you have to compile an entire feature length film into a couple of minutes, you must also pick out the bits that will entice audiences to watch the movie whilst not giving anything away. That is, unless you’re the creators of the following […] More

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    10 Must-See Independent and Foreign Horror Films

    When it comes to horror films, there are options to satisfy just about any viewer’s tastes, from campy to deadly serious to gory special effects laden blockbusters. Personally I’ve always been a fan of indie horror and I’ve come to love a number of foreign titles. They seem to do a better job of drawing […] More

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    Ten Early Masters of Horror Genre

    The horror genre is known for its loyal fans and artists who stick with a good scare despite the genre’s fluctuations in popularity. Over recent years we’ve seen bookstores and libraries eliminate horror sections. We’ve also seen new life breathed into the genre through film, and perhaps more so, television. Many of these modern works […] More