Are you fascinated by the bizarre, strange, funny, and downright awesome? Do you need a daily dose of things that make you laugh, cringe, and think “WTF?” Then you’ve come to the right place! is a bizarre photo blog dedicated to bringing you the oddest, coolest, and simply must-see photos and videos from around the Web.

Whether you’re interested in life’s little curiosities or the hottest new technology, you’ll find it at! We’ll bring you incredible tech news and gadgets, humorous signs, medical oddities, and more — all things eerie and extraordinary.

Take some time to look around and discover something new. Admire a bizarre building. Enjoy a moment with Mother Nature’s oddest creatures. Have a gander at some great, and not so great, achievements of mankind.

You may be wondering about our name. Daddu is an Urdu word for frog — a teasing term commonly used in India and Pakistan. It’s all in good fun. So pull up a chair and let us expand your mind and entertain you all at once!

Here’s a little something to get you started. Some say it’s a three-headed frog. Others say it’s “something else.” What do you think?

Three-headed frog (Credit: Sebastien Paquet - via Flickr)
Three-headed frog (Credit: Sebastien Paquet – via Flickr)


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