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    10 Animals to Get to Know Before They’re GONE

     They’re disappearing you know. And we’re the cause. Due to society’s insatiable desire for more, animal and plant species are disappearing. At the rate of dozens per day. Extinction is a natural occurrence. Due to human intervention the rate of extinction has increased. Scientists estimate that by 2050 as many as 30 to 50 percent […] More

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    The Cute And Cuddly Members Of The Animal Kingdom

    All animals, just like humans, have a cute side to them.  They may be a predator naturally when in the wild, stalking their prey with instinct and catching it with skill, but there will come a point when it will be nothng other than cute. The following photographs of an array of different animals shows […] More

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    The Most Unusual Looking Animals

    Whether it is a cute and fluffy pet dog or a sophisticated yet savage tiger, the vast majority of people love some form of animal – and with their being in excess of a million different animal species currently in the world, there are bound to be a few unusual looking creatures amongst them. Aye-Aye […] More

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    Animal Odd Couples and Furry Frienemies

    Not much beats cute animal pals when you’re looking for photos that make you go “Aww!” But these will. Not only do we have cute animal pictures for you, but some interesting odd couples and even furry frienemies playing nice for the camera. Are your cats and dogs this cute? How about your seal, monkey, […] More

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    Keep Out! The World’s Deadliest Snakes

    What is it about snakes (even the harmless ones) that can strike fear in the hearts of so many? Is it the simple fact that we prefer our animals cute and cuddly? Is it the slithering (okay, for me it’s definitely the slithering — anything on land that moves without feet is just, well, weird!)? […] More