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    Oregon, Alaska, D.C. Legalize Weed… Who’s Next?

    In schools and libraries across the U.S. last week, voters turned out to let their voices be heard on the issues important to them. And for a growing majority of Americans, one of those issues is cannabis legalization. Oregon and Alaska both passed marijuana reform laws similar to those of Washington and Colorado, legalizing possession […] More

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    SocialCafe Chat with GetResponse [VIDEO]

    Even today with social media taking center stage, email marketing is still the best way to build relationships, generate loyal traffic, and fill your sales funnel. Many haven’t embarked on using email marketing yet because they find it intimidating or boring. Fortunately, getting started and managing your email lists is getting easier all the time. […] More

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    10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

    There are a number of variables to be considered when deciding whether a certain breed of dog is “dangerous.” The key factors considered in this article are prey drive, aggression, size and strength, combined with the available bite statistics. But to be fair, the number one factor in determining a dog’s behavior and aggression isn’t […] More

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    10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

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    Some cars are designed just to get you from point A to point B. Some cars are designed to get you from point A to point B really fast. And then there are cars designed with such lavish style and breath-taking performance that point B doesn’t even matter anymore – just driving it is the point. […] More

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    11 Most Beautiful Places in the World

    It seems silly to try to rank the most beautiful places in the world, as there are so many how could I possibly begin? Unlike a top  list based on mathematical data, my top 11 most beautiful places in the world are entirely relative to my tastes. I’m sure it seems sacrilege that I haven’t […] More

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    The Gruesome Side of Grimms’ Fairy Tales

    When some people think of fairy tales from their youth, they can count on one thing — a “happily ever after.” But fairy tales weren’t always feel-good stories. Many were downright morbid. These fairy tales of old — like those passed down by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm — were more often cautionary tales meant to […] More

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    10 Ways Meditation Changes Your Life

      The practice of meditation is older than recorded history. The wisdom traditions of every culture from around the world have all taught some form of contemplative exercise. And nowadays there is a growing body of scientific evidence of the benefits meditation can have for our well-being. As a teacher and practitioner of meditation, I […] More

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    The Right to Get High

    On July 14th, Missouri governor Jay Nixon signed into law House Bill 2238, which legalizes medicinal use of certain cannabis extracts. Missouri joins 10 other states which have passed similar laws in the past year, following the much publicized case of Charlotte Figi. Charlotte is a young girl who suffers from an extreme (and extremely […] More

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    The Ghosts of Seal Team Six

    2100 “Buzzz” –  not the sound but a vibration. It lasted all of a second. Tapping the time piece to quell it, he swung his legs over the edge of the bunk and willed himself alert. The meeting in the operations room lasted an agonizing 40 minutes. All details had long since been burned into […] More

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