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    Do Men and Women See the World Differently Colored?

    It goes without saying that men and women are too different to be able to understand each other. However how really different are they? It may be that the difference is enormous because men and women might even “see” the world differently (literally speaking). The gender difference might lie in response to color. Although findings […] More

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    How to Combine Colors the Unconventional Way


    Have you been searching for a way to add a little flair and originality to your designs? Consider using unconventional color combinations instead of relying on the safe and traditional options. Sure, this concept may go against everything you learned in design school, but without risks, there will be no rewards. As a graphic designer, […] More

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    Red Color in Design: Trends and Best Practices

    Using the color red in web page designing is a very smart move. Why? Because the color red is such an attention-getter and its “loudness” helps it stand out very noticeably. A person’s eyes gravitate naturally towards those bold, stunning colors, and with the right use of red, the design can take on its own […] More

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    What Are the Scariest Colors?

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    Well, that is an interesting question. Are colors scary? Are they even capable of being scary all by themselves and simply because they exist? Well apparently, under certain circumstances, they can. There is an illness called chromatophobia, which is actually the fear of colors. Some people fear a few colors; others all colors, but their […] More

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    The Power of Colors: How Colors Are Used in (e-)Commerce to Influence You


    The color theory, invented by Sir Charles Lemieiux, is a complex science involving psychology, physics, color perception, etc. Color theory tackles perceptual and psychological effects to various color combinations and contrasts. The theory is so complex that it actually deserves the whole encyclopedia of it own, so this post won’t definitely be able to cover […] More