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    Pets on Parade: Dogs and Cats in Halloween Costumes

    As Halloween approaches it can be easy to get caught up in the spooky side of the holiday. But Halloween can be equally adorable and tons of fun. One of my favorite things on Halloween is seeing not only kids but also pets dressed up to celebrate. Whether you’re looking for costume ideas for your own […] More

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    Fuel Your Creativity: 20 Splendid Dog Ads


    We all know that dogs are “man’s best friend,” but can that awww-factor when we see a cute little pooch actually influence us to buy things? Apparently so — otherwise we wouldn’t see dogs starring in so many advertisements! Let’s check out some examples of pup-persuasion: Nutri Balance: Hand Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R Santiago, Santiago, […] More

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    Who Let The Dogs Out?

    Dogs — they can be man’s best friend, protector, and companion. The love of a dog is unconditional, and their lust for life can seem boundless. Whether they’re napping to unwind from their oh-so-difficult day or romping around outside in the snow, aren’t you just a little bit envious of how carefree they can sometimes […] More

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    Animal Odd Couples and Furry Frienemies

    Not much beats cute animal pals when you’re looking for photos that make you go “Aww!” But these will. Not only do we have cute animal pictures for you, but some interesting odd couples and even furry frienemies playing nice for the camera. Are your cats and dogs this cute? How about your seal, monkey, […] More