Photos of Abandoned Buildings: Modern Day Ruins

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  1. Larry Fuller says:

    Thanks for posting such cool pix. I am a photographer, from Las Vegas now living in Troutdale Ore. Love it here. I am really into abandended building. take care.

    Larry :))

  2. Great set of images and nice to see you chose one of my images to be included .



  3. Bill From Pennsylvania says:

    Awesome pics, especially the last one!

  4. Wendy from Colorado says:

    Even though the buildings were abandoned…there is a presence of so many persons lives in your photos.

  5. elle says:

    they’re so creepy i love these !!!

  6. I love these! I love that someone else takes pictures like these. Mine are nowhere near as good. I also want to learn to take pictures like some of these!!


  7. scarlett says:

    Hey, I love you photos, such a unique collection! Would you be able to tell me where the abandoned building in Vancouver is??

  8. Hey

    Fine collection

    I looked in to the reason for such amount of abandonded buildings worldwide, the catastrophical situation in production in China regards enviroment with much of the machinepark from those abandonded factory’s, and a hidden “regulatory” tool in informatics and telecom blocking orders and sales, as well the overload of bureacrazy and irregularities in courtdocuments regards lingvistical matters, causing everything to just “hang in the air” despite paying for justice, there is a path here in the various “blocks” of functions in society

    So i collected in various country’s some information, since it looks to be a worldwide phenomen.

    Have a look on
    a job to do a Old macaronifactory

    As well the buildingindustry regards the tourist emporium mushroomed over the year without any guests for 6-9 months per year has a economical justification problem.

    The china enviroment problem now at down at the left side, and not to forgett
    the it telecom security and lack of answers, in the chapter of kortslutning, eg here translator works needs to be done

    I found out that loops in irregularties inside state functions has been achived, lets say that even having right, awaiting justice and payday, another “package” arrived with even more injustice as it looks from the state or personel and its functions, eg the very reason for all matters above.

    For sure much work to do…
    Yours sincerely
    Jan kajander

  9. JD says:

    very interesting places that have unique architecture. i would easily turn one into a loft.. you couldn’t give me a new building theses days.

  10. craig says:

    whats the point in puting all these pics on if nobody no,s were owt is er

  11. Travis says:

    here is a set I have been working on for a little while.

  12. marli lima says:

    please inform if you have some pictures of an abandoned commercial buidings which have blue glasses in the exterior, kind of colummns, this is very important, thanks for your attention
    marli lima

  13. it really breaks my heart to see these once thriving business building abandoned to rotten away with neglect and decae, they have with stood time and trial enough, of all kinds anyone with just half a brain could fix them up in part or all, as offices or apartments or town house,s rent controled for the elderly. the 1st thing that they,l say is it,s too exspensive with out thinking you can probley sell the tons of scrap iron that is just waitng for trucks and men with torches to start renivation, i,d like to see some of that money being pissed away fighting for the freedom of people who hate us , and wont be able to keep it with out constant help. there is no good reason that anyone should be homeless in the us , and the really wealthy spend the money showing everyone else how rich they are ,what a waste,

  14. 666GirL666 says:

    “Abandoned plant somewhere in Estonia” is a metal factory in Tallinn, Estonia, named Dvigatel. it’s partly torn down, partly abandoned and partly working(just occupied by different firms).

  15. the last building called abandoned building somewere was a whole town in auaila called has anfactory thats abandoned like the whole town.i think it was a fish factory or something.

  16. lemongrab44 says:

    the last pic was not was a town in ausilla called pecgagu krec.i think it was torn down.

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