Back in February Facebook rolled out a new design for Facebook pages called Facebook Timeline. The hugest difference between the old and the new layout is the huge horizontal cover photo which many businesses eagerly embraced.

Time flies [...]

If you are a freelancer who works at home, sometimes you might feel that your creative muse has gone south and left you high and dry. To give it a jump-start and get back into a productive mode, [...]

Business cards are great marketing tools. They give you the chance to leave a mark on a potential client, explain who you are and how to contact you, and sometimes even get you a free lunch when you [...]

There is no denying that green is one of the most vibrant and beautiful colors in nature. It is a sign of life and vitality, bringing to mind spring and summer, leaf-covered trees and mountains. People use it [...]

In the last few years, science-fiction has once again become huge. The concept of space and time merge to create a new genre of futuristic entertainment, and it is slowly leaking into other categories as well. Art and [...]