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    Facebook Apps We Could Be Seeing Fifty Years From Now

    There’s no denying it. Facebook has become an inorexable cosmic horror devoted to encompassing your universe and telling it that you’re a fan of oranges. Despite privacy concerns, it’s worming its way into our favorite websites, and I’m not sure how to stop it. If we cut off its head at the source, two more […] More

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    The Secret Lives of Toys

    I’m a big fan of toys, so it stands that I’m a big fan of photos with toys in them. There’s a lot of neat toy photos on good ol’ Flickr, but these are some of my favorites. Let’s take a gander and see what our favorite playthings are up to, eh? Darth Vader prepares […] More

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    Everyone Is Doing Everything Wrong – Part 3

    This is not a bar! It’s an outhouse serving Miller Lite! And that’s the worst beer to serve! No bar should serve Miller Lite (or any beer for that matter)! Do you know what happens when you drink beer? “Local Man Dies From Alcohol Overdose, But Nobody Misses Him Because He Was A Wino!” Is […] More

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    Everyone Is Doing Everything Wrong – Part 2


    Washing dishes on your own? Do I even need to say how you’re doing it wrong? Why should you have to work so hard? Here’s how to do it right! 1. Give a servant money to wash your dishes. There! It’s a simple program anyone with a job can follow! If you had a job, […] More

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    Everyone Is Doing Everything Wrong – Part 1

    It’s your fault and you suck! What’s your problem? Why do you always screw up at everything you do? It’s not hard to do most things, so why are you so bad at them? What do they teach you in that school anyway? That  “2 + 2 = SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE?” Maybe if you […] More