Facebook “Like” in *Real* Life (Photos)

Every generation has some kind of symbol that becomes a major cultural phenomenon. Immediately recognizable, it’s everywhere you look. For today’s era that symbol is definitely the “Like” button on Facebook. Not only is it on the site itself but nearly every website too.

You probably have seen it other places, as well. It is becoming more common out in the real world, and these photos show 11 examples.

1. Like Dustbin

Like Dustbin

Maybe whoever put this sticker on this trash can was trying to show their appreciation for the receptacles keeping garbage off the street. Whatever the reason, they seemed rather eager to show that they liked this trashbin, and to give others the chance to feel that love.

2. Event Like

Event Like

This event in Germany has every reason to receive a “Like”. People gathered to have a good time is always a positive. Now they get a litersal one, thanks to this person’s simple print out and photo.

3. Menu Like

Menu Like

Taken at La Seniorita’s in MI, USA, this photo shows how businesses are starting to incorporate the symbol into their decor and company. This logo is an obvious adaption that really catches the eye.

4. Like Mug

Like Mug

Do you like coffee? I know I do, and so does this user, it would seem. They give you a look at their custom mug that shows off the Facebook “Like” button, or at least one meant to represent it.

5. Like/Dislike Office

Like/Dislike Office

Users have been asking for years to be given a “Dislike” button, but it has never been a request that has come to fruition. But these users decided to make their own to place around the office. They dislike the phone, like the coffee machine and give you the labels to print and use on your own.

6. Like Hanger

Like Hanger

This is great. If you want to really introduce Facebook into your decor while remaining as functional as the site itself, why not try this hanger? It shows the “Like” button, which can be attached to your wall for coats, scarves, hat or anything else.

7. Like/Unlike Decals

Like/Unlike Decals

Facebook your entire house with these simple wall decals. They have both “Like” and ‘unlike’, as well as larger versions that have the ‘You like this’ logo from the site. She gives a couple of cute examples of how to use them.

8. Like Post

Like Post

IN BC, Canada a number of printed out “Like” stickers started showing up all over the Gastown area of Vancouver. No one knew who was putting them up, just that they were seeing them a lot. This one was placed above an open house notice on an electricity pole. I like the idea of a mad “Like” caper running around the city leaving his mark on everything.

9. Like Necklace

Like Necklace

Is there a special someone in your life whom you want to let know you like? This necklace (a little pricey, but cute) features a “Like” pendant on a chain. Maybe it is a little cheesy, but it gets the point across.

10. Like Cushion

Like Cushion

Geeks of the world, unite and decorate with social media! This is a simple cushion featuring the “Like” button that would work well on a bed, chair or couch.

11. Like Crotchet

Like Crotchet

Are you a stitching fan? This Flickr user sure is, and they created a number of pieces showing the Facebook logo. They have a small framed piece, a bookmark and a pendant.


Do you love Facebook? If you are nearly every person with regular access to the Internet in the world, the answer is probably ‘yes’. Maybe you wouldn’t go so far as to encourage some of these products, much less by them. But you can’t deny that it is amusing seeing the “Like” button out in the real world.

Image Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Written by Kate

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