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    The Weirdest Road Signs in Autralia


    To say “weird Australian sign” is already funny. Because ALL of them are weird. That is why today’s collection features the “weirdest of weirdest” – and that’s the beauty of the collection. Yes, some of them are altered, some are perfectly original and each of them is insanely funny. So enjoy! Cassowary: Before-After A Cassowary […] More

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    10 Funny Double-Meaning Signs

    Road signs reflect our life: they show us what NOT to do and where to go, how to behave and what to expect. And like life, they may have more than one meaning, like those from the following collection: 1. Slippery When Wet I hope these two notices are totally unrelated… but who knows… by […] More

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    10 Foods You’ll Hope They Are not What They Seem to Be

    Sometimes, walking along the shelves in a store, looking through various product names, we keep asking ourselves, “What were they thinking?” Really, some products seem so weirdly named that you start wondering whether it was done on purpose (to attract attention) or that was just an unlucky attempt to create a catchy brand name. This […] More