10 Foods You’ll Hope They Are not What They Seem to Be

Sometimes, walking along the shelves in a store, looking through various product names, we keep asking ourselves, “What were they thinking?”

Really, some products seem so weirdly named that you start wondering whether it was done on purpose (to attract attention) or that was just an unlucky attempt to create a catchy brand name.

This post lists the most bizarre names for food products you have ever come across: I hope they did not mean what they sound:

1. Senior in Sauce

Is this “senior” tasty, I wonder? Tastes like human? “What has the old man done to deserve this”

Funny products: Senior in Sauce


2. Kitten with Cod

Honey, would you like some kittens for dinner?

Funny foods: Kitten in Cod


3. Chocolate Negrito

A boy on a stick…

Funny foods: Chocolate Negrito


4. Placenta

“Placenta Helper makes your placenta a meal the whole family can enjoy!”

Funny foods: Placenta


5. Meatless Meat

So is there meat in it or not?

Funny foods: Meatless Meat


6. Shitto hot

It looks like coffee but sounds like… shitto:

Funny foods: Shito hot


7. Pocari Sweat

Still feeling thirsty?

Funny foods: Pocari Sweat

8. Mr Piss

Funny foods: Mr Piss


9. Sandwich Juice

OK, this sounds like some juice squeezed from sandwich:

Funny foods: Sandwich Juice


10. Cat Butt Gum

Would you chew a gum called like that?

Funny foods: Cat Butt Gum



Written by Kate

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