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  • Understanding Which Type of Charter Plane Best Suits Your Needs

    It is the American Dream for all to own a private plane, but the fact is that very few people, even exceptionally wealthy people, actually own planes. But there are many, many people who can afford and have good reason to charter planes. Planes can be exceptionally expensive to own, so no matter how much […] More

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  • 3 Reasons to be Optimistic (Yes, You Read that Correctly) About the Future

    Nuclear apocalypse. AI robots that turn against their creators. Mysterious illnesses. Killer bees. Incompetent doctors. These are just a few of the many, many things that have created what can be called our Age of Anxiety. Basically, if you aren’t worried about a lot of stuff most of the time, then you’re not paying attention […] More

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  • Cryptocurrency versus Fiat Currency

    Many people have taken a great interest in various types of cryptocurrency, especially in light of the big Bitcoin boom and crashes of the past few years. Recently Bitcoin peaked at a cash value of more than $4000 in US currency value. Speculation by financiers and money movers on wall street have even placed a […] More

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  • The 28 best films of all time you’ve probably never seen

    When it comes to awards and appraisal, there are some films that clean up every year. In 2017, we had “La La Land” and “Moonlight,” while 2016 saw “Deadpool,” “Rogue One,” and “Finding Dory” take the stage. With so much attention on these superstar blockbusters, it becomes far too easy for a quality movie to […] More

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  • 5 Things Donald Trump Should Know Before He Shuts Down The Legal Marijuana Industry

    Marijuana, like alcohol, can be regulated, taxed and used in moderation by adults who choose it, like a glass of wine with dinner.  The burgeoning legal cannabis industry wants Donald Trump to know five critical benefits to marijuana legalization.  Law and Order: Legalizing marijuana reduces the criminal activity of drug cartels and gangs, and reduces […] More

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  • Every perfect relationship has these 20 things

    Your relationship is not perfect if you and your partner are not experiencing these 20 things. And it goes beyond when the exciting times you have shared culminates in a big wedding. Romantic moments Long and delicious kisses. Some cuddling and alone time with your other half. Understanding Knowing what the other person wants to […] More

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  • 8 Celebrities Who Were Made Stunningly Beautiful By Plastic Surgery

    There is something about cosmetic surgery, it improves and enhances looks. There is the desire to boost confidence in the celebrity world and perhaps enhancing breasts, touching up eye brows and beautifying lips could be the best way to get this done. Here are 7 celebrities who have enhanced their beauty with cosmetic surgery. Blake […] More

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  • 9 Positive Ways to Deal with Doubters, Haters, and Naysayers

    No matter how brilliant your business idea might seem to you, other people are bound to disagree. It’s easy to lash out when people say “no” to your ideas, but please resist the urge. Getting defensive will only make the situation worse. Here are 9 positive ways to deal with folks who think your idea […] More

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  • 7 Major Life Events Where a Limo Hire Will Make the Perfect Gift

    When you think of a limo, you think of luxury. Riding in a limousine makes a perfect gift for the most special occasions in life. From bachelorette parties and weddings to corporate anniversaries and important job interviews, the limo brings style, comfort and confidence to the moment. Here are just 7 major life events for […] More

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