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Android users are excited to know that Instagram now has an Android version of their very popular photo sharing app that makes it easy to add filters and then share your photos instantly.

Find out more Instagram Android news or download Instagram Android from the Google Play Store. [...]

Who says viral baby videos only need to be of a British child who gets his finger bitten? Not E*TRADE. Now, not Evian Water. They are stepping on the bandwagon of fun talking baby videos to promote their line of bottled water with a record breaking 51 Million views on [...]

The very best images tell a story. Check out these 38 images that have gone viral on StumbleUpon. You’ll quickly see why. These are my favorites:

This one made me smile – and it is precisely what we all need to be doing! If we collaborate instead of competing, [...]

Funny video about animals scaring humans – sometimes on purpose, but often simply because humans don’t understand animals:

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Best of the 2013 Super Bowl advertisements chosen by Jacob aka CodByNight on YouTube:

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P.S. The cause of the 34 minute Super Bowl power outage [...]