15 Cool Pool Tables You Will Love


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6 Responses

  1. Love the water filled pool table that is indoors! Gives a whole new meaning to “pool” table. Thanks for sharing!

  2. bob boberston says:

    who ever writes for your site is an idiot, its not a glass top, look them up, ALSO they don’t play on water, there is water underneath

  3. Kate says:

    @Bob, what do you think the glass pool table is covered with then?

    ALSO, which exactly pool are you referring to in the second part of your comment?

  4. Pool Tables says:

    These are some of the sweetest pool tables I’ve ever seen. Love the idea of a pool table in the pool! That would be so cool playing pool in an actual pool. Great idea!

  5. nfn says:

    that is not a glass top. it’s call vitrik resin and apparently it plays like felt. bob gave you the answer already by saying “look it up.”

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